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Your application

Understand your personality
and evaluate your potential

Interview process

We want to understand your personality and evaluate your potential. Our aim is to understand your profile and perspectives within the company. You will have the opportunity to get to know our partners and to gain first hand experiences about CYLAD Consulting from senior members of the team.

Our recruiting process consists of two parts – a motivation interview and a case study – both with the objective of giving us relevant information about your personality and skills.


In our motivation interview we endeavor to understand the following:

  • Motivation: Drive and self-motivation are crucial strengths that will allow you to grow rapidly in a demanding environment.
  • Interest in CYLAD: We are looking for candidates with a genuine interest and willingness to join our team.
  • Ability to present your professional experience: We want to see how you highlight your assets and show your true potential, all the while demonstrating consistency in your choices.
  • Strength and personal drive: We are looking for potential leaders with a strong sense of commitment and ability to leave an impact on others.
  • Your nature: We are looking for candidates who are willing to be genuine during the interview, so that we can find out whether you are truly a good fit for our team.


In our case studies we want to get to know the following:

  • Analytical mind: Amongst other things, your ability to cope with complex figures.

  • Ability to structure your analysis: An essential skill of all consultants as they need to be able to present results with a structured and clear approach.

  • Deductive skills: Our clients are of a high caliber and expect fast and efficient results.

  • Listening skills: Your ability to listen well and to absorb relevant information.

  • Thirst for knowledge: Eagerness to learn is a big part of self-motivation. It also shows willingness to create and adapt.

  • Flexibility: Flexibility is key to hitting the ground running on a new project and in diverse working environment.

  • Current events: Do you keep up to date with the world of business?

Some testimonials of our new consultants

CYLAD Consulting accepts applications any time of the year.

We employ both experienced staff as well as trainees that fit our company philosophy.

Your application should include your CV and a cover letter describing what has motivated you to specifically apply to CYLAD Consulting. If your application is successful, you will be invited to interviews at one of our local offices, depending on which country you address your application to. The total procedure usually consists of two to three rounds. During the first rounds, you will meet senior consultants and managers. In the final round, you will meet two CYLAD Consulting partners.

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