Report on CYLAD’s presentation at the Marcus Evans conference on “Procurement strategy and innovation process”

On 12 June 2019, CYLAD participated in the 5th edition of the Marcus Evans conference on “Procurement strategy and innovation process.”
CYLAD’s Patrick Sage, Partner, and Nicolas Comte, Manager, appeared alongside Sylvie Bancel Legendre, Head of Suppliers’ Project Management performance at AIRBUS Commercial, to present their feedback on the A350 program and provide a perspective on the following subject: Making Extended Enterprise an asset in product development.
Four key success factors were highlighted:

  1. Contractual approach allowing risk sharing and rewarding improvements
  2. Joint investment in infrastructures (digital mock-up, collaborative platforms, etc.)
  3. Collaborative approach to better share information and foster innovation and ideas to improve supplier products, without restricting them
  4. Management through fair and balanced governance

Their presentation concluded with a perspective on client-supplier relations in the product development process. Establishing mutual trust between both parties helps the transition from a transactional relationship to a collaboration conducive to value creation between both partners in the research, development, production and after-sales stages.
CYLAD Consulting is grateful to Sylvie Bancel-Legendre for her feedback.
For more information, please contact:
Nicolas Comte, Manager, CYLAD Consulting – +337 62 76 66 95
Patrick Sage, Partner, CYLAD Consulting – +336 98 37 30 58