Paul Archer, Partner and Founder at CYLAD Consulting participated in an interview for the Polytechnique’s magazine, X-Passion

How have your missions evolved over the last 10 years?

Our missions are always based on the same core principles: precise understanding of our customers, specialization in industrial companies, and a need for strong expertise. Over the last 10 years our areas of activity have diversified significantly. CYLAD has grown, as have I! Currently my role is balanced between commercial development, work on client missions, and management of the firm.


What are the new challenges you face?

The main challenges are attracting new talent to support the firm’s growth and diversification strategies, both in France and in Germany and in other countries. I am a proponent of expanding internationally. We are proud to support various industry sectors without any geographic limitations.


What are some new challenges? Do they include, for example, new professions?

Our professions and intervention areas are today much broader. They include: program management, manufacturing, supply chain, purchasing, finance, engineering, marketing, customer relationship management, and more. We remain specialized in multiple fields. The common denominator is the impact of digital. Due to the vast growth we see in digital, we have an internal team dedicated to data science.


And the company travels internationally each year?

Within CYLAD Consulting, collaboration has no border. That is why the teams meet up each year during the summer and winter CYLAD university. The company convenes for a long weekend of training and fun in a country abroad. In past years, we have spent weekends in Mallorca, Croatia, Iceland, Turkey, Morocco, and Italy.


Can young talent join your team?

Absolutely! New talent can join as a consultant or data scientist. We aim to hire around 20 new collaborators this year, including four to five in the data science team. Talent can also evolve from one team to another if they wish. We also have true synergies between our international teams which regularly work together. These opportunities open them up to new perspectives, provided that they speak the language of the country.


So what are the typical candidate profiles you are looking for?

Our collaborators are regularly changing projects, so they must be curious and ready to adapt to very different contexts. We need to have a sharp eye on precise questions. Our leadership is focused on the capability to develop strong areas of expertise. Those who join CYLAD have the desire to develop. It is this desire that guides our motivation. Coming to CYLAD is an opportunity to participate in an entrepreneurial adventure.