Data Scientist shares insights into machine learning and the development of Smart Data at CYLAD Consulting

CYLAD Consulting has steadily developed smart data competencies with increasing application to many client projects. The Smart Data team at CYLAD began with the first data scientist, who joined CYLAD in 2017. The team has steadily grown since, with 5 experts now in place.
In an interview, he shares his insights into the applications of machine learning as well as the development of CYLAD’s Smart Data expertise.
What is your background?
“After completing my doctoral studies in applied mathematics, I began researching image processing models and algorithms. My focus was primarily on medical imagery. The purpose of these models was to obtain statistical results that would help automatically detect anatomical differences between healthy and unhealthy organs.
Following this research period, I joined the Pasteur Institute where I had the opportunity to work on projects concerning biological data. The focus of my work was analyzing movements in HIV receptors to determine populations with distinct behaviors.”
What made you want to switch from the world of R&D to consulting?
“My professional experience led me to develop an acute expertise in machine learning. Machine learning is growing at a significant pace, impacting many business and industries, and creating new tools for market analysis, demand forecasting, and stock management just to name a few. I joined CYLAD Consulting to develop my knowledge of machine learning with industrial applications. Consulting attracted me because I wanted to work on many different types of projects and problems.”
“CYLAD has always provided best-practice and managerial expertise to industrial clients. The firm’s strong dynamism has led it to investments in big data and machine learning technologies (incl. clustering, autonomy, forecasting models, and text mining). As the demand for these technologies increases in the industrial world, I’ve set a goal for myself to develop these skills. Additionally, I embraced the challenge of becoming CYLAD’s first Data Scientist, working closely with the firm’s partners to build a team and define its position within a pre-existing company. CYLAD’s values mirror my own: professionalism, commitment, and entrepreneurship. These elements positively influenced my decision to join the firm.”
What benefits does an expertise in big data analysis bring to industrial issues?
“Machine learning helps automate manual tasks and is necessary for the treatment of significant amounts of data. It also helps define the right software tools necessary for analysis. In other words, it allows us to treat more data, faster, and with further application than was ever possible with previous models. Our missions at CYLAD can impact anything from supply chain monitoring and production forecasting models to text mining and procurement analysis. Automated tools based on statistics have allowed us to produce more frequent analyses at a faster rate. The impact for the client is immediate: their internal management improves and the level of detail of their analyses is without precedent.”
After one year at CYLAD, what’s your verdict?
“It has been excellent! The Data Team has found its place within the firm while creating a strong link with the “legacy” teams. This has allowed us to have passionate discussions between people with very different backgrounds. Additionally, the way our integrated solutions have responded to client needs has reinforced CYLAD’s partners’ existing beliefs that big data has become, more than ever, a lever that will grow in importance in the years to come. This first year has been a great introduction to the many amazing projects that await CYLAD Consulting’s Data Team.”