CYLAD returns to ISAE – SupAero to offer a course on “Economy and Strategy of the Aeronautical Sector”

In April, CYLAD teams offered a one-week course for first-year ISAE-SupAero students focused on “Economy and Strategy of the Aeronautical Sector.” CYLAD has conducted this specialty course every year since 2013.
On the agenda for the course was:
1. Overview of the aeronautical market and competitive evolution
2. Analysis and functioning of airline companies
3. Actors in the value chain and transformation of the sector
4. Financial pressure
5. Technological evolutions & new trends
The students were evaluated through a case study in which they created a business plan for a company in the aerospace sector. The work package involves conducting market research, describing the product, positioning the brand, creating a roadmap for launching the business, and detailing a financial plan.
CYLAD consulting warmly thanks the ISAE-Supaero school for its six years of trust, as well as the students for their attentiveness, participation and innovative ideas.
For more information, please contact:
Marie Decroix, principal, CYLAD Consulting – + 33 6 12 57 44 51