CYLAD Consulting’s roundtable “Industry 4.0 – what’s in it for me?” held in its Hamburg offices on June 24th, 2016

CYLAD Consulting organized a roundtable on “Industry 4.0 – what’s in it for me?in its Hamburg offices on June 24th, 2016. After an introduction by Dr. Thomas Trautmann, Partner at CYLAD Consulting, Professor Lödding, IMPT, Hamburg University of Technology and Professor Thoben, BIBA, University Bremen spoke about the latest developments of actual Industry 4.0 applications in industrial companies.


Close to 20 participants representing leading companies from industries such as aerospace, ship construction, automotive, healthcare, industrial electronics and wind energy were present.


The focus of the discussion was: While most companies have understood Industry 4.0 as the fourth industrial revolution where physical and virtual reality merge to cyber-physical systems, most companies are still struggling with concrete business cases that can bring additional value – especially in a brown field setup.


The presenters showed some very concrete applications like augmented reality on the shop floor, which makes it unnecessary to deliver 2D drawings to the workers, since they can understand every step on the digital 3D animation. Some other solutions include more of the networking aspects of Industry 4.0, such as for modular conveyer belts that communicate with the parcels and optimize transportation and packaging processes, or an automatic container unloader that has a digital camera for determining what is in the container.


Participants agreed on seeing the fourth industrial revolution as a journey with many different aspects needing to be transformed step by step in order to stay competitive in the global market. There was agreement that this transformation ranges from operations such as supply chain, manufacturing and R&D or quality to support functions such as HR and Finance and commercial functions like marketing and sales.


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