CYLAD Consulting – Sponsor of SAFE Cluster during its Pole SAFE Day dedicated to innovation, with SMEs and Majors companies

On Friday September 16th, 2016, CYLAD Consulting participated in SAFE Day, the annual event of SAFE cluster, a competitiveness cluster bringing together 600 members, including the aerospace industry sector.

Speeches and roundtables enabled SMEs and major groups from the Provence-Alpes-Cotes-d’Azur region to meet. The program on this day focused on Open Innovation.

During the day, the real potential of SMEs and major groups working together to hatch radical, innovative ideas became visible. The term ‘trust’ was the watchword of the exchanges, confirming the experience from many missions for major industrial players to improve collaboration between OEM and suppliers. This translates concretely into actions on contract development, governance, process management – or even the right mindset of the teams in each party.

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