CYLAD Consulting hosts roundtable discussion on customer oriented product development in Hamburg

CYLAD Consulting hosted a roundtable discussion with clients in Hamburg on June 19, 2017. The topic of the roundtable was customer oriented product development. Participants from a research institute as well as various industries including aerospace, automotive, and healthcare products joined the discussion.


The roundtable discussion was based on the understanding that while every company claims to be customer oriented, few companies successfully analyze and understand what the end customer is ready to pay more for. Further, product specification is often driven by internal convictions rather than detailed observations and systematic analysis of problems experienced by the end customer. The latter approach would ultimately lead to a different product focus.


Key takeaways from the discussion were threefold:

  • Always interact directly with the end customer during the product definition phase
  • Observe and discuss with the end customer along its actual process end-to-end beyond the product boundaries
  • Understand all problems that the end customer faces in the process and take them as the basis for product definition


The roundtable concluded with open networking and refreshments for the participants.


For further information please contact:
Thomas Trautmann, Partner, CYLAD Consulting, – +49 40 468 984 611
Steffen Petersen, Partner, CYLAD Consulting – +49 40 468 984 612