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Growth strategy

Growth Strategy: The Foundation For Success

Growth is essential for business development – over a 10 year period, up to 90% of created value is generated by growth. A successful strategy requires not only clear and ambitious targets, but also a diversified approach.


Distinctive corporate growth rarely occurs by chance, but results from a clear strategy and its determined execution. While most companies are capable of defining a compelling vision with bold growth opportunities, this is only the first step. The key challenge is to substantiate growth potential by means of tangible concepts and execution plans. On average only 10% of companies generate long-term growth with their strategy.

A winning growth strategy will not simply boast great targets, but provide opportunities to drive growth in your portfolio. Successful implementation approaches balance short- and long-term initiatives and combine existing capabilities with new ones to realize high impact on top-line growth.


We transfer your bold vision into an actionable strategy.

Our team has more than 100+ years of combined experience in winning strategies. We bring deep knowledge of growth levers and industry expertise to create your profitable path to growth.

Successful realization of growth in all organizations depends on the company’s ability to adapt to rapidly changing market dynamics and to recurrently adjust approaches toward these changes.

With experience gained in more than 300 projects around the globe over the past 10 years, we at CYLAD provide what is necessary for distinctive growth:

  • A suite of proven approaches to identify true growth opportunities covering for instance an assessment of product portfolios and functional performance
  • In-depth industry expertise and market knowledge – e.g. our industry specific know-how in aerospace covers the full value chain from OEMs to component, material, and service suppliers
  • Smart data and advanced analytic techniques e.g. related to pricing, product allocation, and market dynamics for further detailing of value potential on definition of new concepts
  • A team that understands capabilities of an organization and keeps focus on practicality throughout the entire strategy process


"I want to compliment the CYLAD project team for first class project delivery and their strong commitment throughout the project."

Head of Corporate Development of a Service Provider

Client cases

Aerospace market sizing and opportunity identification for a supplier of consumables

Strategy definition for a new business activity

Building the growth roadmap for a global Aerospace supplier in a complex, competitive environment.


Orienting for growth in a saturated market environment.

Despite the client’s leading position in structural adhesives & surface treatment markets for aircraft, market penetration opportunities were rather low in particular when compared to other key markets. In order to steer the business toward the most attractive growth opportunities, a solid quantified view of the market size for current & potential new products was required in the form of a bottom-up market model.


Deep seated expertise in the Aerospace industry facilitated key project results.

The project took a global approach with a scope of 41 civil aircrafts including associated production rates & forecasts. The team produced a detailed model of reference aircrafts (1 single aisle & 1 long range) based on over 150 component parts (e.g. fuselage, wings, etc.) screened along the product portfolio (adhesives, surface treatment, and sealants) for OEM, MRO, and Cabin Interior segments. Results were linked with key contacts developed at OEM & Tier 1 suppliers to validate assumptions and enable networking at key levels of the organization.


Achievement of unprecedented growth.

The project analyses resulted in a fact-based and quantified marked portfolio for aerospace products with a potential turnover increase of 25% over 4 years. The implementation roadmap was outlined in order for the organization to realize the strategic intent.

Defining a strategic approach for sourcing and acquisition to support the launch of a new parts business for an Aerospace manufacturer.


Strategizing for a successful new business launch.

The client was faced with the need to launch a new used parts business in order to generate additional revenue streams. This new business stream would require a strategic set up to coordinate the various subcontracted activities including acquisition, dismantling, maintenance, and more. Integration of strategic analysis, lessons learned, and industrialized working processes were all required to ensure a sound growth plan.


Identification of process weaknesses allowed for the implementation of robust solutions.

An as-is analysis of existing processes shed light onto missing steps or requirements. Equipped with this knowledge the project team was able to support the execution of the operations by collecting lessons learned and implementing solutions such as workshops, problem solving, and action plans. From here the team defined a governance structure to oversee the operations and monitor for success. Finally the CYLAD experts established the roadmap for the full implementation.


Harmonizing activities to ensure a successful long-term strategy.

At the project conclusion the team successfully implemented a strategy for aircraft sourcing and acquisition to meet both the client’s short- and long-term needs. This included a harmonization and securitization of all subcontracted activities under the new structure.


Sébastien Cailliau

Partner / France


Dr. Steffen Petersen

Partner / Germany


Dr. Marcel Winnefeld

Partner / Germany


Alexandre van den Berg

Partner / Canada