"I will call CYLAD again when I need a very flexible team that can crack complex problems with feasibility for implementation in mind."

Head of Service of an Industrial Electronics OEM

Typical questions we face:Which project organization for managing my projects fits best? How can I ensure a cross-functional way of working on projects?

Typical questions we face:How to select and develop project team members?

Typical questions we face:How do I know if my project will achieve all its objectives? How do I identify deviations early?

Typical questions we face:How do I measure supplier maturity and manage supplier development to secure my project or program?

Typical questions we face:Which tools and processes should be implemented to monitor progress while maintaining agility?

Typical questions we face:How do I structure project governance to secure on-time, reliable decision making?

Perspective on impact at stake

Project management typically requires cross-functional coordination of activities with clear start and ending dates and a defined deliverable. When coordination is required between several projects, a more extensive program management must be put in place. In both cases, scheduling, resources, costs and quality are the key dimensions to be managed. While expectations on quality and customization are rising, costs need to be reduced due to competition and budget pressure. In addition, further complexity often comes from the number of different contributors and organizations, internal functions, suppliers and strategic partners. Since its creation, CYLAD Consulting supports major industrial companies of all sizes in defining the right methodology and operational support for their project teams.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Proven assessment methodologies based on maturity criteria and use cases
  • Off-the-shelf benchmarks of project management best practices across industries
  • Practice-proven methodology to organize and set up projects and programs and integrate suppliers
  • Checklists and tools for project setup and supplier management
  • Training modules and guidelines fostering client autonomy


Secure program ramp-up

Audit of strategic suppliers on three continents to secure a program ramp-up for an aircrafts manufacturer

Recovery plan

Definition of a recovery plan for a multi-billion euro aircraft program

Coaching and serialization

Coaching of program managers for deployment of serialization solution over more than 50 sites and 300 suppliers for a pharmaceutical company

Program management for way of working

Restructuration of the overall program management way of working with impact on 5000 people in the defence industry

Methodology implementation

Definition and implementation of the program management methodology in four locations of an equipment manufacturer

Reorganization development program

Reorganization of a billion euro engine development program for an aerospace supplier