"CYLAD excels by their commitment, humility, their capacity to work with people in all kinds of positions and their level of deliverables."

Transformation Project Leader in the Ship building Industry

Typical questions we face:What is the current performance and positioning of the products and services we offer?

Typical questions we face:What do we intend to achieve in the future with our products and services?

Typical questions we face:What are our specific targets with respect to revenues, market share, profits, etc.?

Typical questions we face:How can we maximize perceived value by customers for our products and services?

Typical questions we face:How can we reduce internal product and service costs?

Typical questions we face:How much expenditure for investments and development is required and how does it fit the business case?

Perspective on impact at stake

Products and services do not perform well by chance, but rather by a clear strategy and execution. While most companies accomplish the definition of high-level strategic directions and targets, a tangible substantiation by means of a robust execution plan on how to realize the strategic targets is often missing. However, a clear strategy requires sharp strategic direction and targets, as well as concrete performance measures. An essential characteristic of successful companies is the ability to link strategy with product and service operations.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Attentive review and evaluation of the products’ and services’ performance such as a reliable portfolio evaluation
  • In-depth experience in strategic business modeling, including value proposition and operational model
  • Ready-to-use methods for product and services, cost and value optimization of all products and services
  • Hands-on methods and experience in defining a tangible, go-to-market approach


Product strategy

Product strategy definition and plan implementation planning for a tools and production systems manufacturer

Go-to-market approach

Definition and implementation of a field service go-to-market strategy for an industrial electronic company in 40 countries

Realignment of product portfolio

Review of product variants to align portfolio with strategic objectives for metal tools manufacturer