"I want to compliment the CYLAD project team for first class project delivery and their strong commitment throughout the project."

Head of Corporate Development of a Service Provider

Typical questions we face:What is the aspired time-to-market for future product development?

Typical questions we face:What are the main synchronization points and expected product maturity levels for cross-functional collaboration?

Typical questions we face:What governance model should I put in place – from product definition to market entry?

Typical questions we face:How do I ensure product ramp-up is managed as a cross-functional project with efficient collaboration?

Typical questions we face:How can I ensure the maturity of my organization as it approaches the ramp-up and market entry phase?

Perspective on impact at stake

A typical cross-functional challenge in an organization is the collaboration along the product development process, particularly in the ramp-up phase. From the initial phase, departments such as product management, marketing, engineering, and finance need to be aligned with the business case and specifications. Nevertheless, functions such as manufacturing, engineering, service, procurement, supply chain, and quality also need to be involved quickly and increasingly take over as the product enters the market. Market leaders outperform their competitors by up to 30% faster time-to-market with lower development costs from efficient synchronization of their functions at key milestones. Furthermore, a well-managed ramp-up curve accelerates top-line generation.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Benchmarks on product development process regarding structure and duration
  • Best practice in product development process regarding cross-functional synchronization
  • Blueprints for governance to manage all functions from product definition to market entry
  • Cross-functional assessment of the organization for ramp-up readiness
  • Battle-proven approaches for hands-on, ramp-up management


Redefinition product development

Greenfield redefinition of product development process and governance for an international car manufacturer

Product development optimization

Optimization of product development process for new development of transportation aircraft

Ramp-up governance

Conceptualization and implementation of cross-functional governance for a ramp-up in the automotive industry