"Good work, no politics: I have always been very satisfied with CYLAD’s work."

Head of Quality in the Aviation Industry

Typical questions we face:What governance do we need in order to make the right decisions at the right level, e.g. balancing, delegation, and control?

Typical questions we face:How do we maximize and create sustainable value in our products and corresponding investments?

Typical questions we face:How do we ensure effective decision-making, including prioritization, acceleration, deferral, stopping projects and focusing resources on priority projects?

Typical questions we face:How can I quickly identify project risks (management by exception)?

Perspective on impact at stake

With increasing product and project complexity, the need for professional management of product and project portfolios continuously increases. At the same time, financially constrained environments create pressure for shorter payback periods. The key to this challenge is to foster effective decision-making on where to focus available resources and investments, taking into account organizational capabilities, maximum value creation and strategic objectives.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Off-the-shelf assessment of portfolio performance and portfolio management approach
  • Proven approach to portfolio management governance, processes, and tools
  • Customized, ready-to-use portfolio management tools, ranging from portfolio evaluation to project prioritization and pipelining
  • Available benchmarks and best practices for portfolio management in technology-driven industry sectors


Optimized corporate practices and IT-tool

Development and implementation of a tailored procedure and tool for portfolio, project & program management for a major aircraft manufacturer (more than 10 portfolios with annual budget up to €400MM each, 2000 people trained and using the proposed tool)

Product portfolio specialty chemicals

Review and optimization of the product portfolio for a specialty chemicals producer (35 product lines evaluated, investment portfolio optimized in order to double EBIT within five years)

Portfolio management optimization

Improvement of the portfolio management approach and tools for an OEM of wind energy turbines (approach and process for regular portfolio reviews defined, effective decision-making for annual product development spending of €50MM enabled)