"Throughout the working relationship, CYLAD was able to show flexibility in order to adapt best to the variations of our context and needs."

Head of Methods & Tools in the Aviation Industry

Typical questions we face:What is the best organizational setup to address business globalization (e.g. centralized vs. decentralized)?

Typical questions we face:What is the target governance and split of roles and responsibilities? What does the transition matrix look like?

Typical questions we face:What is the right communications roadmap to manage all internal and external stakeholders?

Typical questions we face:How to develop a new function with appropriate sizing and smooth integration in legacy organization?

Typical questions we face:How to safeguard key talent and competencies with an appropriate career path?

Perspective on impact at stake

Most companies regularly face the challenge of adapting their organization to react to market evolution or internal optimization. From that perspective, organizational flexibility is a key competitive advantage. Leveraging this asset requires addressing human factors, processes and tools. Creating a worldwide footprint, adapting a legacy organization or developing agile and lean functions are just a few examples that require organizational change.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Proven approach for organizational design, implementation and transition in various industries
  • Extensive benchmarking on key functions covering organizational split, roles and responsibilities, sizing and reporting lines
  • Change management approach for communications
  • Good track record in bridging senior management (strategic framing, road mapping) and operational levels (requirements, implementation)


Reorganization services

Reorganization of a service business unit including a central team of 500 people and interfaces to 3000 people in 40 countries for an industrial electronics company

Transformation R&D

Transition of an R&D team from a functional to a cross-functional setup for a train manufacturer

Project management automotive

Project management function definition, sizing, setup and implementation in the automotive industry

Purchasing reorganization

Purchasing reorganization from site orientation to commodity orientation in the aerospace industry