"CYLAD did a great job, very good return on investment; we have €10 million savings while in February we had nothing."

Head of Quality of an Aerospace Manufacturer

Typical questions we face:How can I measure and improve efficiency of the current processes?

Typical questions we face:How can I simplify and improve the organization and governance?

Typical questions we face:What is our performance gap vs. aspirations? How will efficiency improvements concretely materialize?

Typical questions we face:How should we design our transformation to develop our capabilities and engage people along the way?

Typical questions we face:How can we sustain change in the long run and move towards continual improvement?

Perspective on impact at stake

In light of intense competitive pressure, companies face the continuous challenge of “doing more with less” while keeping their people motivated along the way. There is generally significant potential from simplifying over-sophisticated processes, removing sources of non-value-added, and improving overall predictability of delivery processes. Time is key – not only in terms of absolute lead time, but equally important in terms of punctuality against initial commitments while ensuring compliance to demanding regulations. A robust approach along a structured set of tools typically yields 15-30% efficiency improvements that can be materialized through a combination of improved quality, delivery, cost, customer and employee satisfaction.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Proven approach for current state lean diagnostic, future state lean alignment, implementation and sustainability
  • Off-the-shelf Visual Performance Management (VPM) implementation toolkit
  • Seven forms of waste applied to various environments
  • Training modules and programs on different functional fields for middle management and change leaders
  • Change management approach and tools


Transformation of a medical devices company

Engineering efficiency transformation through VPM in a medical devices company

Lean R&D

Lean R&D transformation in the development unit of a pharmaceutical company

Corporate center optimization

Lean back-office optimization for the corporate center of a service industry company

Manufacturing transformation

Lean manufacturing transformation in an aerospace firm

OTD recovery

End-to-end OTD recovery in an aerospace company

Lean shop floor

Identification of lean shop floor optimization levers in a post-merger situation at an aerospace supplier

Standard implementation

Design and implementation of development workload standards to measure progress at a machinery and electronics manufacturer