"I appreciated the ability of CYLAD to integrate very quickly in a project team, develop skills relevant to the core of the project and master its complexity."

Head of Planning Department of an Aerospace Manufacturer

Typical questions we face:What is the opportunity to launch a digital transformation?

Typical questions we face:How can I leverage big data in my specific context?

Typical questions we face:Which skills are needed and which employees should I involve?

Typical questions we face:How can we change processes and mindsets without impacting the running business?

Typical questions we face:How should we define the use cases and solutions (internal ideation, benchmarks, external sourcing)?

Typical questions we face:Where should I place digital in my organization (function-specific versus company program)?

Perspective on impact at stake

Across various industries, B2C and B2B companies are facing an impact from digital change. Both products and processes across functions and supply chains show new ways of making business or increasing efficiency and leveraging insights from big data. While many companies still struggle with the speed of such transformation, individual digital initiatives can be found in all areas, reaching from R&D to marketing and sales, to manufacturing and supply chain to support functions such as finance or HR.

Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Digital maturity grid to assess current digital maturity level
  • Big data experts in-house and as external partners (e.g. Ekimetrics)
  • Repository of big data use cases developed jointly with industrial leaders (e.g., advanced scheduling, demand analysis, Recurring cost deviations, purchasing patterns, blockchain methods)
  • Proven methodology to deliver proof of concepts
  • Network with digital start-ups


Guidelines digital lab

Definition of guidelines for the implementation of a digital lab for a major pharmaceutical company with benchmark on 10 existing structures

Digital use cases

Analysis of digital use cases for Finance and HR departments of a construction company

Digitalization in sales and CRM:

Optimization and digitalization of more than 100 processes for sales and client relationship in the energy industry

Proof of concept

Proof of concept of online collaborative tool in the energy industry

New revenue channels

Definition of the digital transformation at the C-level to generate additional revenues and set up new channels for a utilities player