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Head of Quality in the Aviation Industry

Typical questions we face:How can we leverage our customer relations to develop the business?

Typical questions we face:Where in the customer journey are the anchor points to create recurring service sales?

Typical questions we face:What are the channels to develop and which should progressively be abandoned?

Typical questions we face:How do I make customer relations more efficient and avoid frustrations?

Typical questions we face:How do we ensure full integration of the customer journey into our organization and processes?

Perspective on impact at stake

Improvement of customer experience is a key lever for product and service businesses to increase their average revenue per unit (ARPU). Whereas product marketing rather concentrates on new features, customer marketing focuses on new customer experience. B2B industrial clients are increasingly catching up with B2C standards. They strive to deliver the right service to the right customer through the right channel by:

  • Aligning internal processes with customer journeys to avoid gaps between the customer’s and company’s perspective
  • Optimizing both productivity and quality with First-Time Right and Net Promoter Score improvement programs
  • Developing new experiences with digital solutions (mobile first, chat, apps, email) generating customer value and revenues
Distinctive CYLAD assets
  • Maturity grid for assessing customer relations and aftersales practices
  • Knowledge of industrial processes of our clients and their customers
  • Ready-to-use tools for pain point hunting
  • Web-based survey formats for quantitative analysis
  • Proven approach to define integrated customer journeys


Service transformation

Service transformation of industrial electronics manufacturer

Customer satisfaction

Customer satisfaction improvement of a European leader of alarm equipment

Customer relations processes

Definition of sales and customer relations processes in the utilities sector