"CYLAD’s EVM methodology was the first effective and successful one which I have ever seen. I set it as the standard for every future program review."

CEO of a Structural parts & Seats Supplier

Power through enablement – A precondition for sustainability after transformation is capability building in client organization.

Capability building of individual clients is part of our Change Management approach being offered within our Business Transformation framework. With the aim of increasing sustainability of implementation – particularly during and after transformation projects – CYLAD Consulting offers a wide range of tailored training sessions and seminars covering not only top and middle management but also operational level.

Our training builds on three pillars of functional competence: Operational Strategy, Organization & Business Transformation, Operational Excellence.

People enablement through capability building is an important lever when managing change as it:

  • Increases understanding and acceptance of changes
  • Secures the implementation of recommendations through (re-)alignment of key stakeholders
  • Improves overall performance of operational and management teams

Training Formats