"CYLAD did a great job, very good return on investment; we have €10 million savings while in February we had nothing."

Head of Quality of an Aerospace Manufacturer

Benchmarking has become one of the most used management tools, and is still growing in popularity.



  • Is a fast and easy way to spot improvement potential in companies
  • Provides quantitative information as a fact base for strategic decisions
  • Enables quantitative comparison to trigger discussion on underlying best practices with other global players


CYLAD Benchmarking serves as a fact-based discussion starter for a best-practice exchange in topic-specific client networks. We ensure relevant questions, comparable data and structured discussions among participants.

Typical Questions

Example Engineering and R&D

  • How much should I spend on the early development phase?
  • How much should I spend on innovation?
  • Have I invested a sufficient amount in digitalization?
  • Does my R&D staff have the right competency profile?
  • How much outsourcing do I need?

3-Step approach for a fact-based discussion

CYLAD Value Proposition


  • Consistent survey addressing relevant questions
  • Remote support and quality assurance during survey period

CYLAD Value Proposition


Report including

  • Comparison with survey sample
  • Identification of main differences



CYLAD Value Proposition


  • Identifying areas that are worth in-person exchange between participants
  • Facilitating discussion on underlying best practices