"I want to compliment the CYLAD project team for first class project delivery and their strong commitment throughout the project."

Head of Corporate Development of a Service Provider

Benchmarking has become one of the most used management tools, and is still growing in popularity.



  • Is a fast and easy way to spot improvement potential in companies
  • Provides quantitative information as a fact base for strategic decisions
  • Enables quantitative comparison to trigger discussion on underlying best practices with other global players


CYLAD Benchmarking serves as a fact-based discussion starter for a best-practice exchange in topic-specific client networks. We ensure relevant questions, comparable data and structured discussions among participants.

Typical Questions

Example Engineering and R&D

  • How much should I spend on the early development phase?
  • How much should I spend on innovation?
  • Have I invested a sufficient amount in digitalization?
  • Does my R&D staff have the right competency profile?
  • How much outsourcing do I need?

3-Step approach for a fact-based discussion

CYLAD Value Proposition


  • Consistent survey addressing relevant questions
  • Remote support and quality assurance during survey period

CYLAD Value Proposition


Report including

  • Comparison with survey sample
  • Identification of main differences



CYLAD Value Proposition


  • Identifying areas that are worth in-person exchange between participants
  • Facilitating discussion on underlying best practices