CYLAD Consulting is constantly growing and we are always looking for talent to join our team.

At CYLAD Consulting we provide an environment designed to support your personal development by pro-actively supporting you with training, individual initiatives and experience-sharing between consultants.


Once onboard, we aim at involving you in one of our client projects. Coached by senior consultants, you will be supported in your progress and rapidly become fully operational. Challenging you in diverse aspects from the very start, we ensure personal achievement and progressive development.


You will always be guided by a mentor. With a professional as well as congenial approach, your mentor will answer your questions and help you throughout your career at CYLAD Consulting. Your mentor also plays a key role in your semi-annual performance review.


At CYLAD Consulting we focus on listening to you when taking staffing decisions. We respect your expectations and potential. We know that as a consultant, the more diverse the situation you are faced with, the more enriching your career will become.

Project Support

The strong participation of our Partners and Managers in our clients’ engagements is one of our trademarks. This guarantees high quality service for the client while ensuring that you as a consultant benefit from the professional expertise of our management team.


The training approach we offer greatly contributes to your knowledge of business issues and your ability to perform in-depth valuable analyses. Our training sessions are either led by our own professionals or by carefully selected third parties. You will also have the opportunity to attend external courses. Flexibility is the key to success in your personalized training program.


Sharing experiences with other consultants is essential. To share and distribute information within the company, sessions are conducted regularly in which our project teams present their assignments. In this environment the company as a whole benefits from lessons learnt from the different proposals.

Performance Review

Twice a year the performance of each consultant is reviewed and appropriate objectives are set for the upcoming period. The main objective of our performance review meeting is to improve professional and personal development.