CYLAD Consulting is constantly growing and we are always looking for talent to join our team.

CYLAD Consulting is on the lookout for strong personalities who are able to utilize their potential and quickly become an integrated part our team.

High potential

Our consultants come from the best business and engineering schools and often already come with industry and/or consulting experience.


Consultants we recruit have to be able to quickly assimilate with both our team and our engagements. This requires a knack for analytics as well as strong personal qualities such as drive, commitment and tactfulness.


We want to see our candidates tap their full potential during their career at CYLAD Consulting. For this, they need to demonstrate a profound interest for the industry, to welcome challenges and diversity, show outstanding intellectual skills, enjoy international exposure and be fluent in English.

Arnaud Guérin


Arnaud Guerin has 13 years experience in consulting and one-year industry experience in finance controlling. The focus of his expertise is operations optimization/supply chain management, program and portfolio management and finance controlling in the aerospace and defense sector. He holds a M.Sc. in Industrial Engineering and a M.Sc. in Industrial and Finance Engineering.

Recent projects include

  • Fixed Costs and Non Recurring Costs optimization on 13 industrial sites for a aerospace OEM
  • Aircraft heavy maintenance hangar setup
  • Deployment of flexible electrical architecture principles for a train manufacturer


“I joined CYLAD Consulting in 2011 after 5 years in organizational consulting. There are two main reasons that I feel particularly at ease in this company. The first is the positive and entrepreneurial spirit of the team, which provides a stimulating environment in our daily work. The second is the variety of missions carried out, to grow professionally on new problems or to specialize on favorite subjects.”

Marco Zahn


Marco Zahn has 8 years experience in consulting business. The focus of his expertise is program and project management in the aerospace sector. He holds a M.Sc. in Program and Project Management and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.

Recent projects include

  • Definition of a new project management organization
  • Development and implementation of a make-or-buy strategy
  • Inventory optimization with focus on lead time reduction


“CYLAD Consulting is for me a new challenge every day. On the one hand, when discussing several possible solutions with different ways of thinking to develop maximum value for the client, and on the other hand when supporting the growth of the German office.”

Cécilia Combey


Cécilia Combey has 6 years of professional experience in consulting and 4 years as an engineer in the airlines industry. Her area of expertise is mainly in program & project management and performance improvement of aeronautic & pharmaceutical industries. She holds a Master of Research in Transport Economics and a Master in Aeronautical Engineering

Recent projects include

  • Definition and implementation of a project management method including the development of a workload model and piloting of the load-capacity,
  • Deploying a method of management and planning of major aerospace programs,
  • Performance management through process harmonization and the definition of a common standard for pharmaceutical development centers.


“Being a CYLAD Consulting member means one is able to evolve in a demanding but caring environment where commitment is of the utmost importance in a dynamic, inspiring and fast moving company.”

Jean-Paul Dijkgraaf

Senior Consultant

Jean-Paul Dijkgraaf has 14 years of professional experience. The focus of his expertise is operations strategy and improvement in technology intensive industries, particularly aeronautics and energy. He holds an MSc in Aerospace Engineering from Delft University of Technology and a postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration from OU Business School in London.

Recent projects include

  • Redefinition of a service sales strategy
  • Development of a resource impact methodology for digitalization initiatives in production


“The mindset at CYLAD Consulting struck me straightaway: entrepreneurial, highly motivated to deliver quality, and close to the client in a natural way. The open and non-prestigious culture of CYLAD, in combination with a group of very smart people, makes a very motivating working environment.”

Marcel Winnefeld


Dr.-Ing. Marcel Winnefeld has 11 years of experience in consulting. The focus of his expertise is organizational transformation and top-line growth, particularly in after sales service and the aerospace industry. He holds a Diploma in Industrial Engineering and a Ph.D. in advanced industrial management.

Recent projects include

  • Strategic reorganization of a business unit for engine overhaul
  • Supply chain optimization of a global spare parts supplier
  • Optimization of the global footprint for a medical service company
  • Development of an operating model for an MRO provider


“CYLAD Consulting shapes the future of industrial companies. Working in several industries and functions enriched with demanding challenges and entrepreneurship empowers you to change perspectives and keeps you open-minded. CYLAD stands for passion, teamwork, and global opportunities.”

Marion Delas


Marion Delas has 14 years of professional experience of which her areas of expertise include transformation of organisations, portfolio management, programs & projects management in aerospace and pharmaceutical industries. She holds an engineering degree from The Polytechnic School (X99).

Recent projects include

  • Development of a method for assessing the maturity of program management in aeronautics
  • Support in conducting assessments and transformation plans in aeronautical subcontractors
  • Implementation of knowledge management tools and process
  • Responsible for program management training


“After spending many years in the industry and looking for new challenges, I chose to specialize in consulting. I was immediately attracted by CYLAD Consulting by its entrepreneurial spirit and the high level of expertise and outstanding qualities of the Partners. I know I have made the right choice. I am able to progress in a competitive and demanding environment and learn new skills constantly to provide maximum value to clients. CYLAD Consulting is also an enriching human adventure in which every member of staff has a role to play in the development of the company.”

Maëlle Berger

Experienced Consultant

Maëlle Berger has one year of experience in consulting and one year of experience in the chemical industry. She has a degree in Chemical Engineering and a Master in Strategy and Management.

Recent projects include

  • Implementation of S&OP
  • Deployment of a Supply Chain Finance program
  • Implementation of competitive intelligence


“The association of Consulting and industries with high technological added value has made CYLAD Consulting a leading choice. I especially appreciate the dynamism and the high level of expertise within the firm. The stimulating working environment enables us to flourish both on a professional and a human level.”

Lawrence Thurotte-Weech

Senior Consultant

Lawrence Thurotte-Weech has 4 years experience in consulting business. The focus of his expertise is operational excellence and project management in the aerospace & defense sector. He holds a Master in Aerospace Engineering.

Recent projects include

  • Recurring cost reduction monitoring on a program in development
  • Lead Time Reduction in a Final Assembly Line
  • Setup and implementation of visual performance management on an engineering project area


“In search of a challenging and demanding environment, I chose to join the consulting industry directly after university. I was eager to work on client  thesupport and be involved in problem solving. CYLAD Consulting, specialized in the industries I studied, was an obvious choice for me.”

Johannes Schilling


Johannes Schilling has 5 years experience in consulting business. The focus of his expertise is operational excellence and project management in the plant engineering and aerospace sector. He holds a MBA in General Management and a B.Sc. in Industrial Engineering.

Recent projects include

  • Development and implementation of a workload model incl. EVM
  • Implementation of lean management tools in manufacturing
  • Standardization of supplier management


“For me, CYLAD Consulting is the perfect mix of a growing and well established company – so to speak, the double challenge.”

Nicolas Darré

Experienced Consultant

Nicolas Darré has one year of experience in consulting. Before CYLAD, Nicolas worked in the energy and financial industries. He holds a MSc in Strategy from HEC Paris and a MSc in Finance from ESADE.

Recent projects include

  • Change management and operational structuring of an aerospace industry subcontractor
  • Procurement optimization using big data analysis
  • Operational alignment across geographies for an aerospace defense company


“In my opinion, there are two major factors that distinguish CYLAD from its competition. First, I am always impressed by how easy it is to have an exchange with the firm’s partners – it is clear that they care deeply about their employees. Second, our client proximity is unrivaled – I was at the client site within 24h of joining the firm!”

Ana Montemayor

Senior Consultant

Ana Montemayor has 4 years of experience in consulting. Her areas of expertise are operational excellence and program & project management in both the aerospace and medical service industries. She holds a Master’s degree in Industrial Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Engineering.

Recent projects include

  • Lead time reduction through quick wins and sustainable improvements
  • Redefinition of a service sales strategy in the energy industry
  • Definition and implementation of an operational product management structure


“Being at CYLAD Consulting consists of more than working for a client or developing a project, it is about real teamwork. This cooperation empowered me as a trusted advisor, which is constantly demanding but also very rewarding.”

Steffen Eickemeyer

Senior Expert

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Steffen Eickemeyer has eight years of professional experience. The focus of his expertise is Supply-Chain Management and Optimization in Production – from processes/employees on shopfloor level to the top management. He holds a Diploma in industrial engineering from Leibniz University in Hannover (LUH) and a Diploma in economics from Universidad de Zaragoza in Spain. He completed his Ph.D. at the Institute of Production Systems and Logistics (LUH) and currently works as a consultant at CYLAD Consulting as well as a Professor of Lean Management at Jacobs University in Bremen.

Project examples

  • Centralization/Relocation of ~25 Service Operations to 4 New Sites for a manufacturer of electronics and precision machinery
  • Quality management during production ramp-up of new car model for a European automotive OEM
  • Development and onsite practical application of a methodology for capacity planning for MRO units in Asia, Europe, and North America
  • Post-Merger Integration of a global metal production, design, construction, and manufacturing company


“My impression of CYLAD Consulting can best be captured in four simple phrases: Mature, Start-up, Team-spirit, and Perfect environment for development.

On the one hand CYLAD Consulting is mature in terms of the experience and deep knowledge of the top-level management. On the other hand, it shows character of a start-up with a lot of creativity, innovation, attentiveness, openness, and modernity. It’s a pleasure to work with the curious colleagues and to experience the team spirit. The daily combination of precision, technical expertise, added value, humility, and the feeling of customers’ satisfaction offers the perfect environment for my own further development.”