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The CYLAD Foundation aims to
foster social entrepreneurship

Foundation's objectives

The CYLAD Foundation is a corporate foundation created in 2012. The main objective of the Foundation is to promote social and professional integration, especially through support of entrepreneurial endeavors and training.

The firm’s partners created the Foundation to reflect the values of CYLAD. The Foundation embodies the partners’ willingness to contribute to equal opportunities and enable everyone to achieve their personal and professional ambitions.

To meet this objective, the CYLAD Foundation provides consulting time and financial help to non-profit associations supporting the development of businesses.


Commitment, professionalism and entrepreneurship are the three fundamental values of the CYLAD Foundation.


With the creation of its corporate foundation, CYLAD is committed to retain core values of solidarity of both its founders and its workforce.

The Foundation concretely operates through team involvement in both operating tasks and supported projects.


Rigor in methodology, in-depth problem analysis, project-specific recommendations: these are the distinguished standards of quality shared by each of our consultants.

The expertise and professionalism of the Foundation members is always available to supported associations and projects.


At CYLAD, entrepreneurship stands for the willingness and ability to innovate. It also includes developing the activities and competitiveness of its clients.

The Foundation believes that entrepreneurship is a means of social and professional integration which is its main purpose.

Selection Criteria

Associations supported by CYLAD Foundation should fulfill the following premises:

  • Recognized as non-profit organizations of public interest
  • Share common values with the Foundation
  • Activities in accordance with the Foundation purposes, i.e. social and professional integration

The Foundation provides financial and material support to the associations which it supports. Funds are validated by the Board once a year.


Réseau Entreprendre

In addition to financial support, CYLAD Foundation aims to commit itself and be actively involved in Réseau Entreprendre activities. Foundation members take part in candidates’ selection processes.

The Réseau Entreprendre Associations are recognized as public-interest organizations made up of business leader networks.

Their main aim is to target promising projects that could create employment.


Since its creation, CYLAD Foundation has signed the Corporate Patronage Charter written by ADMICAL (association of public utility for patronage in France for 35 years).

The Corporate Patronage Charter aims at gathering the actors of corporate patronage around ethics and values of the patronage including:

  • Free commitment in favor of the public interest, in the long term without seeking to have an impact on its market activities
  • Link of trust and exchange between patrons and partner, on a relationship of equality and based on a shared vision
  • Mutual respect: respect for the beneficiary and transparency towards the patron regarding the use of the funds allocated and the implementation of the project covered by the patronage


Adie is a non-profit organization that helps people with financial difficulties to create their own business and therefore their own employment through microcredit.

Adie was created in 1989 by adapting the principle of microcredit to France.

Since its beginning, Adie’s missions have remained unchanged:

  • Financing micro-entrepreneurs, who do not have access to bank credit, through microcredit
  • Supporting micro-entrepreneurs before, during, and after the creation of their business to ensure the sustainability of their activity
  • Contributing to the improvement of the institutional environment for microcredit and business creation

The CYLAD Foundation contributes to the funding of the association’s operating costs but also committed itself in 2017 and 2018 to financing a training program for young entrepreneurs to formalize a business plan.


The Board consists of eight members, including among others, three CYLAD Consulting Partners and three external members who are competent in the Foundation’s areas of impact and share its values.


38 rue de Bassano, 75008 Paris
+33 1 83 79 01 80